Mission & Mandate

Our Mission: “Promoting artistic growth and cultural awareness through the art of dance.”


Our Purpose: To foster knowledge and expertise in dance in an academy that inspires excellence and produces a calibre of technically skilled young dancers, with artistic levels that are exemplary. Dance training in this academy will require discipline, hard work, and dedication. The academy will also promote for its participants, values that can be transferred to other areas of their lives.

Dancing has proved to be a great way for our children to get involved in the community and foster positive self-esteem as well as provide a safe, fun and competitive atmosphere for today's young people to use their leisure time productively. Dancing has also allowed many young adults to explore their physical and creative talents as well as teaching them commitment, dedication and integrity, the lifelong skills of success.

Throughout the year our students has performed in public and private community events and functions represented by both the Performing Company and the recreational students. Recreational student often have the opportunity to perform with Performing Company dancers as apprentices and in special choreography. Over the years, CYDT stages seasonal productions showcasing dance performances and works of its students and instructional faculty. The year ends in a cumulative showcase (“Studio to Stage”) where all students dance in new works and Company repertoire.




Our program students


In our dance program children are afforded the opportunity to explore dance as a tool for self-expression; learn about dance as an art and an exploration of culture; use the performing arts as collaborative experiences that increase their knowledge and skills; and create a different life opportunity infrastructure.


Benefits for participating in our program

The program creates opportunity for youth to become active and fit through dance, engage, create and play in a safe space and develop diverse life skills such as discipline, creativity and commitment. Participants are exposed to a wide variety of dance techniques, performance and competition experience, international travel and confidence as well giving them meaningful engagement with current and veteran arts professionals. Dancers from the program have gone on to train and apprentice with Toronto-based companies COBA and Kashedance, use their skills to successfully audition for arts based secondary schools and develop pride and understanding of diversity in dance.


Academic Learning Enhancement

Dance in school when linked across the curriculum has the ability to affect learning in the classroom. It acts as a scaffold in the learning process as it breaks down inhibitions and shyness, engages students especially reluctant learners, enhances their critical thinking and it impacts their self-concept and self-esteem.


Through dance our students will experience change as they

  1. Develop new ways of thinking, processing and communicating ideas and emotions
  2. Increase personal identity, build trust, in their own talent and creativity
  3. Experience new learning pathways to express situations and ideas drawn from a variety of sources
  4. Connect emotionally where they could create and problem-solving an idea personal experiences.
  5. Increase met cognition and become aware of their own talents and abilities
  6. Practice ethical behavior and exhibit personal discipline
  7. Achieve a better understanding and acceptance of themselves and their learning style.
  8. Develop that fearlessness and confidence which they can apply to the process of learning.
  9. Provide leadership and engage others in the teamwork approach to learning
  10. Develop an appreciation of life-long learning


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